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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Virajpet Pincode / Post Office Search (KODAGU, Karnataka)

Abyathmangala B.O 571253VirajpetKarnataka
Ammathi S.O 571211VirajpetKarnataka
Arameri B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Arapattu B.O 571212VirajpetKarnataka
Arecad B.O 571253VirajpetKarnataka
Arji B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Aruvathoklu B.O 571213VirajpetKarnataka
Athur B.O 571215VirajpetKarnataka
B.Shettigeri B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Badaga B.O 571217VirajpetKarnataka
Badagarakeri B.O 571249VirajpetKarnataka
Balaji B.O 571213VirajpetKarnataka
Balele S.O 571219VirajpetKarnataka
Balliamandur B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Begur B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Bekkesodlur B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Bellumadu B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Betoli B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Bhadragola B.O 571254VirajpetKarnataka
Bilugunda B.O 571211VirajpetKarnataka
Birunani B.O 571249VirajpetKarnataka
Chembebellore B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Chennayanakote B.O 571215VirajpetKarnataka
Chickpet B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Chikkamandur B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Devanageri B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Devanur B.O 571219VirajpetKarnataka
Devarapura B.O 571213VirajpetKarnataka
Dhanugala B.O 571213VirajpetKarnataka
Engilageri B.O 571253VirajpetKarnataka
Gonikoppal S.O 571213VirajpetKarnataka
Guyya B.O 571253VirajpetKarnataka
Halgunda B.O 571211VirajpetKarnataka
Halligattu B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Hanagallu B.O 571236VirajpetKarnataka
Harihara B.O 571249VirajpetKarnataka
Hathur B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Heggala B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Hosur(Ammathi) B.O 571211VirajpetKarnataka
Hudikeri S.O 571249VirajpetKarnataka
Hysodlur B.O 571249VirajpetKarnataka
Imangala B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Jodubetti B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
K.Boikeri B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
K.Parambu B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Kadanga B.O 571212VirajpetKarnataka
Kadanur B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Kaikeri B.O 571213VirajpetKarnataka
Kalathmadu B.O 571211VirajpetKarnataka
Kandangala B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Kannangala B.O 571211VirajpetKarnataka
Kanur B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Karada B.O 571212VirajpetKarnataka
Karadigodu B.O 571253VirajpetKarnataka
Karmadu B.O 571211VirajpetKarnataka
Kavadi B.O 571211VirajpetKarnataka
Kedamallur B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Kirgur B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Kondangeri B.O 571252VirajpetKarnataka
Kothur B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Kotoor B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Kottageri B.O 571219VirajpetKarnataka
Kunda B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Kurchi B.O 571217VirajpetKarnataka
Kutta S.O 571250VirajpetKarnataka
Kuttandi B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Makutta B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Maldare B.O 571253VirajpetKarnataka
Manchalli B.O 571250VirajpetKarnataka
Maroor B.O 571254VirajpetKarnataka
Mayamudi B.O 571213VirajpetKarnataka
Mekur Hoskeri B.O 571215VirajpetKarnataka
Mythadi B.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Nadikeri B.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Nagarahole B.O 571250VirajpetKarnataka
Nalkeri B.O 571217VirajpetKarnataka
Nelliahudikeri B.O 571253VirajpetKarnataka
Nittur B.O 571219VirajpetKarnataka
Nokya B.O 571254VirajpetKarnataka
Parakatageri B.O 571249VirajpetKarnataka
Pollibetta S.O 571215VirajpetKarnataka
Ponnampet S.O 571216VirajpetKarnataka
Ponnappasanthe B.O 571213VirajpetKarnataka
Srimangala S.O 571217VirajpetKarnataka
T.Shettigeri B.O 571249VirajpetKarnataka
Theralu B.O 571249VirajpetKarnataka
Thithimathi S.O 571254VirajpetKarnataka
Virajpet S.O 571218VirajpetKarnataka
Vontiangadi B.O 571211VirajpetKarnataka
West Nemmale B.O 571249VirajpetKarnataka
Yavakapady B.O 571212VirajpetKarnataka